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Hypocrisy in Kemah, Texas

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Clinton Mississippi Newspaper

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Seriously Kemah – How can Matt not have a conflict of Interest?  He owns too much property in Kemah!

Pray for Matt Wiggins!

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News on Dolcefino.com January 26, 2021

Matt Wiggins was voted out of the Kemah Mayor’s Office nearly ten years ago after he was accused of taking advantage of Hispanic families after Hurricane Ike. It was these Wiggins real estate deals that prompted an investigation by the FBI and the IRS and in 2014, a Galveston County grand jury.

In 2018, Wiggins lost historic property he owned in Clinton, Mississippi in a fight with the City of Clinton when Wiggins failed to maintain his property and make repairs required to preserve the century old property.

Last year, Wiggins faced multiple investigations by the Texas Ethics Commission.  Dolcefino Consulting filed complaints with the Galveston County District Attorney’s office after Wiggins misused WCID #12 funds when he repeatedly commandeered the water district’s bills and sent letters attacking his long-time political nemesis Carl Joiner along with customers’ monthly water bills.

Wiggins also came under fire after using questionable math to raise business fire fees. Complaints surged about high water bills. In May of 2020, Dolcefino Consulting uncovered that Wiggins owed more than $8,000 in unpaid fees to the nearby San Leon MUD and that Wiggins was raising the water bills of the customers of WCID #12 while having unpaid utility bills of his own.

Just a few weeks ago, Dolcefino Consulting was forced to file a criminal complaint against Wiggins and city councilman Doug Meisinger for trying to hide public records.

After all of that you may be shocked that Wiggins – one of the towns biggest property owners – has announced he is running for Mayor of Kemah yet again. The election is in May of 2021.

Wiggins announced the formation of the Matt for Mayor Committee in filings at the Kemah City Hall.

“The people of Kemah have the opportunity to reject Mr. Wiggins and his antics once and for all,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office owes the citizens of Kemah a full grand jury investigation of the ethical violations already exposed.”

You can watch Dolcefino Consulting’s investigative reports on the chaos in Kemah at www.dolcefino.com and  Dolcefino Consulting on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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